Elevators Are Wreaking Havoc At UFC 203 And Have Already Caused One Fight To Be Scrapped

MMA fights have been cancelled for numerous reasons. Slipping in a bathtub, falling down in a sauna, even tripping over pipes backstage have resulted in a fighter unable to make the walk to the cage. At UFC 203, elevators have tried their hardest to throw things into disarray, and they finally succeeded.

Their devious plan started Friday morning, trapping heavyweight title challenger Alistair Overeem and making him late to the weigh-ins. Luckily, he’s only getting fined for his tardiness instead of having his fight scrapped.

Later on Friday, a group of fighters overloaded an elevator, snapping some cables and dropping them to the basement. Urijah Faber, Fabricio Werdum and several others were trapped for around ten minutes before being rescued. It appeared there were no injuries, but the fiendish Cleveland elevators weren’t done.

UFC announced that CB Dollaway has had to withdraw from his scheduled bout at UFC 203 due to an injury he suffered last night as a result of an elevator accident at a hotel in Cleveland.

UFC officials have been in communication with hotel management, and the hotel is currently evaluating and investigating the issues surrounding the incident.

Per UFC, C.B. “The Doberman” Dollaway is injured and out of his fight with Francimar Barroso as a result of an elevator incident. While Dollaway was in the elevator with Faber, Werdum and others, it’s unclear if that accident caused his injury or if there was a third incident that hurt him.

Once word got out that a fighter was off the card, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone immediately jumped in to offer his services. It’s unlikely he’ll actually fill in, but since he rappels off the side of buildings, he won’t have to worry about elevator issues.

Hopefully everyone uses stairs for the rest of the fight weekend before UFC 203.