UFC Fight Night 101 Capped Off An Uneventful Night With A Crushing Leg Kick To The Head


If you tuned into UFC Fight Night 101 from Melbourne, you were greeted by a show that some might consider a snoozer compared to other bone-crunching contests we’ve seen in past months. Instead of bloodied warriors leaving it all in the ring and vanquishing their opponents like the gladiators of old, we were treated to decision after decision after decision. That is until the final fight of the night between Robert Whittaker and Derek Brunson. There were moments in the fight where Brunson might’ve looked like he had a shot, but Whittaker made sure to shoo those thoughts from everybody’s mind with some blows that would maker Apollo Creed’s wife cry out in pain.

Now look, is it the best knockout of all time? Will it be written about at length by the reincarnation of Bert Sugar, chomping on a vape pen in a Tapout t-shirt that barely covers his tribal tattoo? Probably not. But beggars can’t be choosers on the nights like this one. A guy got kicked in the head after taking some clean shots to his face and fans could turn off their televisions — or leave the arena satisfied. That might be terrible of me to say as a casual UFC fan, but you have to be real.

So hats off to Robert Whittaker for sending fans home happy and congrats to the rest of the group who walked away with a victory.