These Knockouts Will Get You Prepared For Ovince Saint Preux Vs. Glover Teixeira At UFC Fight Night

Saturday night sees UFC Fight Night 73, live from Nashville, Tenn. The main-event is a light heavyweight clash between two top-10 fighters with dangerous punching power, and the winner will inch ever closer to potential title contention.

Ovince “OSP” Saint Preux and Glover Teixeira aren’t the absolute heaviest hitters in the division, but they tend to win most of their fights with stoppages. Here are some of their best knockouts to get you ready for their fight on Saturday.

Teixeira vs. Marvin Eastman, Shooto Brazil 25

At the time of this fight, Eastman was at the very tip of the tail end of his career, and Glover made short work of “The Beastman” with an overhand right in the first round.

Saint Preux vs. Cody Donovan, UFC Fight Night 26

This was a quick bout with a devastating finish. Donovan attempted a throw, but Saint Preux reversed and ended up in Cody’s full guard. That didn’t stop OSP from throwing some brutal ground and pound.

Those punches that sneak past Donovan’s defenses are heavy blows, and it doesn’t take many before the fight gets stopped.

Teixeira vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, WEC 24

In 2007, Sokoudjou pulled off two huge back-to-back upsets in PRIDE, knocking out both Little Nog and Ricardo Arona. However, just prior to those bouts, he took on Teixeira.

After backing Sokoudjou against the fence, Teixeira starts throwing big hooks, catching Rameau twice, with a left hook that lands the finishing, face-planting blow.

Teixeira vs. Ryan Bader, UFC Fight Night 28

Bader can be a tough out for some guys, as evidenced by OSP’s wrestling-heavy decision loss to him, but Teixeira didn’t have too much trouble. He did get wobbled by Bader’s power, but Ryan threw several overhand rights in a row that Glover easily blocked.

Bader swings again, but Glover’s right is quicker to the mark than Ryan’s uppercut. The follow-up left catches Bader right on the point of the chin, and he goes down in a heap.

Saint Preux vs. Shogun Rua, UFC Fight Night 56

In terms of name value, this is probably the best win on either man’s record. OSP’s punching technique doesn’t look that great, but the movement to set it up is outstanding.

Rua throws a right straight, then OSP shifts backwards, switches stances from southpaw to orthodox, and throws a lead left hook, all before Shogun resets and throws his own overhand right.

The combination of Rua lunging in for his big shot and Saint Preux’s punch is devastating, and Rua goes down in a heap.

Saint Preux throws some shots to the downed Rua, but they’re basically unnecessary, as Shogun is out.

The only thing missing is Chris Tucker running into the Octagon to let Shogun know what precisely happened to him.

You can see Ovince Saint Preux and Glover Teixeira throw their heavy hands at one another at UFC Fight Night 73, in Nashville, on Saturday night at 10 p.m. ET.