The Bizarre Story Of A Kickboxing Champ Who Joined ISIS Only To Be Killed By Them

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07.23.15 37 Comments
Valdet Gashi


In January of 2015, a Muay Thai fighter named Valdet Gashi left his German homeland and told friends he was headed to Thailand for training. He was only going for “a few months,” he said. But Gashi wasn’t headed to Thailand at all. In fact, Gashi had more sinister travel plans, one that would ultimately end in his death at the hands of ISIS.

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By all accounts, Valdet Gashi was an accomplished kickboxer, a fighter with reportedly more than 106 bouts in Thailand and other parts of Asia. According to several media outlets, including the International Business Times, Gashi won a European title and was twice a world champion. Here’s one of his devastating knockouts from 2006.

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