Watch This Heavyweight Fighter Land A Spinning Head Kick That Faceplants His Opponent

Contributing Writer

If you want to look at a perfect example of mixed martial arts pushing the art of fighting forward, look no further than this knockout from Caged Madness 40. Heavyweights Jeff Hughes and Jason Riley squared off in the main event of the night, and Hughes knocked Riley out with a spinning back kick to the head with only nine seconds to go in the first round. Keep an eye out for Jeff Hughes in the future – he kicks like a mule.

Back in the early days of mixed martial arts, not many heavyweights were throwing spinning knockout attacks. You could take a look through any weightclass in the UFC and not catch too many knockouts like this. But now we’re not only seeing these things in regional shows across America, but being wielded effectively by 240+ pound fighters.

It’s a similar story to Anderson Silva’s front kick knockout of Vitor Belfort. Before it happened, no one thought the front kick was effective enough to be used in competition. But then Anderson landed it to devastating results. Soon other fighters in the UFC started using it, and next thing you know there are amateurs in Iowa knocking people out with it. Evolution of fighting.

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