Say Hello To This Look Back At The Most Iconic Moments From ‘Scarface’

In a twisted and disturbed way, Oliver Stone and Brian De Palma’s remake of the 1930s gangster film, Scarface, offers up some harsh truths about living one’s life. There are dozens of threads online dissecting the philosophy of Tony Montana, and in a very bloody way, he embodies the American dream of climbing the ladder from the bottom to the top. Unfortunately, he alienates and kills everyone around him, not to mention that his relationship with his sister could be the focus of a Dr. Phil episode, but the story still resonates, partly because of the enduring appeal of the film’s most famous lines. So throw on that old airbrushed Tony Montana shirt, because the world and his list of Scarface quotes is yours.

“This town like a great big pu**y, just waiting to get f*cked.”

Tony knows you have to put yourself in the right place to find opportunities.

“And I want my f*ckin’ human rights, now!

When Tony asks for his human rights you give them to him.

“Me, I always tell the truth.”

Nobody can every call Tony Montana a liar. Unfortunately, his truthier moments are usually followed by a bit of a homicidal rage, but at least he isn’t lying to you.

“What’s he got that I don’t have?”

Probably a firm grasp of reality, a job that doesn’t involve murderin’, and lots of other enticing, sane qualities.

“I got ears, you know. I hear things.

When Tony hears things, bad things happen.

“You got a look in your eye like you haven’t been f*cked in a year.”

This line works for Tony, but you probably shouldn’t try it out for yourself.

“How am I gonna get a scar like that eating pu**y, man?”

Only if your lover is that alien from Predator. Also, who knew that Scarface influenced Chasing Amy?

“Who do I trust? Me!”

It’s important to trust yourself, but it’s equally important to not be paranoid that everyone around you is out to get you.

“I work hard for this.”

If you want to have a mansion with a jacuzzi and smoke Cuban cigars, you have to put in the legwork.

“Say hello to my little friend!”

It’s Tony’s iconic battle call, but also works well if you’re introducing a small pet or a shorter buddy.

Also, this isn’t a quote, just an example of how Tony Montana handles his haters.