Did You Catch The Sneaky Cameo In The Beginning Of ’10 Cloverfield Lane?’

WARNING: If you haven’t seen 10 Cloverfield Lane yet, go immediately. There won’t be spoilers for the actual movie below, but it’s pretty great and this tidbit might be cool to find out fresh.

There’s little doubt that there’s a lot to love in 10 Cloverfield Lane. J.J. Abrams desire to help create a Twilight Zone type of film series is clear and the movie is full of little details that drive it in different thematic directions. I laughed, had the wool pulled over my eyes multiple times, and enjoyed a movie that didn’t even fall on my radar two months ago.

But on top of all the great things going on in the film, there are little tidbits that you’re unaware about that are now trickling out from behind the scenes. Take the voice of Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s fiance Ben as he talks to her on the phone. Entertainment Weekly reveals that the voice we hear on the phone is one that has a little history with voice acting:

That’s the case with the actor credited as “Ben” in the final credits. His name… Bradley Cooper.

For those who weren’t paying attention to Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and her cell phone, you may not have noticed the caller ID. Ben is the name of Michelle’s ex-fiance, and his voice is heard pleading with her to return home.

So why did Bradley Cooper decide to do such a tiny “cameo” in this movie? He’s an old pal of J.J. Abrams from those Alias days. It pays to have friendly relationships with the people you work with. Even if you’re a sociopath who doesn’t want friends, you can still use those relationships to get ahead in life or ask them for favors. That’s kinda what happened here, but I’m sure Cooper is wondering why he never got a call about Star Wars right now.

There’s a good reason why the cameo is hard to catch, possibly two. Not only are you waiting for the big kickoff of the film’s story, but you’re also waiting to see what this film has to do with the original. By the time the call is finished, the film is already moving quick.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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