‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ Director Dan Trachtenberg Talks About The Secrets Of His New Movie (Without Spoiling Anything)

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03.07.16 6 Comments

What a crazy thing! Out of nowhere, in mid-January of 2016, a mysterious new trailer hits theaters about three people trapped in an underground bunker (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman, and John Gallagher Jr.) prompting a chorus of, “What’s this?” Then, the title pops up and it has the word “Cloverfield” in it, prompting the Internet to freak out.

Cloverfield was released in January of 2008 to similar mystery and buzz. (So much mystery that, for the longest time, people thought it was a movie about five robotic lions that combine to form the robot Voltron.) What we ended up getting was a movie about a group of people trying to escape the wrath of a monster or alien (it was never 100 percent explained) that was ravaging New York City.

Now, eight years later, here comes 10 Cloverfield Lane, a (as it’s being called) “spiritual sequel” that doesn’t have much to do with the original other than tone and secrecy. All anybody who hasn’t seen it yet knows is that three people are living in an underground bunker and something crazy will probably happen. (I can confirm, yes, a lot of crazy stuff happens.)

When Dan Trachtenberg signed to direct it, it wasn’t yet part of what’s now being called “the Cloververse,” as it was supposed to be a standalone project. But then J.J. Abrams had the idea to turn Cloverfield into a Twilight Zone-esque way of telling original stories. Ahead, Trachtenberg gives some clues as to what to expect from 10 Cloverfield Lane and explains how this movie happened in the first place.

This movie is hard to talk about without giving anything away.

I know, it’s weird because there are so many secrets and surprises and twists and turns and it’s a hard movie to even discuss a little because you really want people to experience it the way it was intended to be experienced: knowing as little as possible.

We can give away one spoiler: John Goodman does not play the Cloverfield monster.

[Laughs.] Right. That is true.

While watching, I was trying to think what the craziest twists would be. That was one of them even though it’s dumb.

If there was An American Werewolf in London transformation scene where he started growing limbs and scales and became the Cloverfield monster, it would be ridiculous — but potentially awesome in its own right, just not this movie.

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