Relive Wolverine’s Best Moments From The ‘X-Men’ Franchise

05.16.15 4 years ago 8 Comments

Back in 2000, Fox released X-Men upon a world that had been wounded by Batman & Robin just three years before. It was a world that never expected to see a big budget comic book movie again. X-Men helped change all of that and now all movies are comic book movies. Isn’t the future great?!

Part of the success of X-Men lies in Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Logan aka Wolverine aka Stab Man aka Knifey Boy. Thanks to John Woo being unable to finish Mission: Impossible II in a reasonable amount of time, Dougray Scott had to drop out of the production and the part went to Jackman, making him a star. 15 years later, Jackman has confirmed that the upcoming third stand-alone Wolverine film will be the last time he plays the character.

It will be sad to see him go but we can dry our tears by remembering some great quotes from the X-Men movies of yore.

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