Let’s Celebrate Peter Dinklage’s Varied Pre-‘Game Of Thrones’ Career

Did you know about the majesty of Peter Dinklage before he became Tyrion Lannister? Because if you didn’t, now is the perfect time to look back at his varied and impressive career, as we’re about to endure a long winter absent Tyrion’s sage and sloshed advice to the Mother of Dragons following the Game of Thrones season finale. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of Dinklage’s best pre-Game of Thrones work.


In a memorable supporting role, Dinklage deftly steals every scene he’s in while playing a quick tempered yet masterful children’s author opposite Will Ferrell and James Caan.


Dinklage had a brief role on Seinfeld as James, Elaine’s wake-up call guy. It’s a nothing part, but a reminder that this thespian always knew how to deliver a line.


Dinklage had a minor but memorable part in Tiptoes, an off-beat comedy about an average guy (Matthew McConaughey) and the circumstances that arise when he introduces his pregnant girlfriend (Kate Beckinsale) to his family, which is entirely comprised of dwarves. The film also co-stars Gary Oldman and Dinklage’s handlebar mustache.

The Station Agent

Dinklage’s break-out role as Fin, a train-loving loner, in The Station Agent is touching, understated, and gives us a taste of the exceptional things to come.


In 2005, the actor portrayed a jaded, angry version of himself on Entourage, trading disparaging comments with Jeremy Piven. Here’s hoping he isn’t this miffed in real life.

30 Rock

Dinklage also appeared on 30 Rock, where he and Tina Fey engaged in some awkward flirting. Major props to this guy for tolerating the seemingly endless size jokes throughout his career.


Remember Threshold? Yeah, I don’t either. This short-lived sci-fi drama was canceled before the entire first season aired in 2006. But Dinklage, here playing a brilliant mathematician and linguist on a team of scientists investigating an extraterrestrial species, delivers his patented biting charm.

I Love You Too

If Australian rom-coms are your speed (obviously they are), check out I Love You Too in which Dinklage portrays a lovelorn guy named Charlie who decides to help a screw-up win back his girlfriend.


As Marlowe, Dinklage played a nurse and fierce advocate against hand surgery for Dr. Sean McNamara’s son and a secret lover for his wife.

Death at a Funeral

Dinklage played the part of a surprise funeral guest and lover of the departed, who had, to that point, been thought of as a straight married man.


Another screwball romantic comedy featuring the Emmy winning actor is Penelope, in which Dinklage plays an amoral, eye-patch wearing tabloid reporter (I know!) bent on getting a photo of a wealthy daughter who has the nose of a pig.