See Every Great Movie Released In 2015 In One Incredible Mash-Up

12.02.15 2 years ago

There are only 29 days left in the year 2015, which means you only have 29 days to make sure you’ve seen every single movie released this year. Are you watching a movie right now? Why not? What are you, “at work”? “Making money” to be able to “afford food” to “live”?

Fine. Here’s an alternative: Pretend you’ve seen every great movie released this year by watching the Final Cut 2015 Movie Mash-Up, which, to be quite clear, is a mashup of many of 2015’s movies.

If you don’t have time to press play on a nine-minute video, rest assured that the gang’s all here: There’s Michael B. Jordan, racing down a street in sweats in CreedHe Named Me Malala‘s central figure, looking badass as usual. Jake Gyllenhaal, playing just the tip in Everest. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, standing at the edge of a building in The Walk, resplendent in terrifying blue contacts. Goodnight Mommy‘s Susanne Wuest’s bandaged face staring ominously out a window. And, naturally, Leonardo DiCaprio looking mad as hell in The Revenant.

There’s even a brief dance montage, kicked off by Ex Machina‘s infamous Oscar Isaac dance scene; a Samuel L. Jackson montage, troublingly kicked off by a clip from Ted 2; an Inside Out-themed foray into the fevered brain of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; and a mashup of high-octane action scenes that pairs Tom Cruise with Vin Diesel with The Avengers with Salma Hayek with Mad Max with Shailene Woodley with oh God it’s going too fast now. In my humble opinion, the best section starts around 6:21, when a clip from Mississippi Grind transitions rapidly into a horror-movie montage, during which Jurassic World‘s Bryce Dallas Howard urges everyone to remain calm. An important reminder for what to do when your boss catches you watching this thing.

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