The 2019 Oscars Changed Course Yet Again After Outcry About Not Airing All Awards

02.15.19 4 months ago

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At this point the folks in charge of the 2019 Academy Awards should declare it opposite day and just do the exact inverse of whatever they think is best. That might be the only way the Oscars makes it to air time without another disaster befalling the fledgling television award show.

On Friday, word broke that the Oscars would be presented in their “traditional format” after all. That means, no, awards will not be handed out between commercial breaks like the Academy had previously decided. This comes after a wave of criticism crashed through in response to another decision the Oscars made regarding one of the most controversial shows to not even happen yet.

Earlier in the month, four technical categories were banished to the commercial breaks, drawing a series of criticisms about the awards and the Academy’s apparent lack of respect for those working hard to potentially win said awards. Major actors, directors and other members of the Academy criticized the decision online and in interviews.

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