Phil Lord And Chris Miller Won’t Be Returning To Direct ’23 Jump Street’

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Since 21 Jump Street hit movie theaters three years ago, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have become quite the in-demand directing team. Aside from 22 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie, the surprise success of Fox’s The Last Man on Earth has kept the duo very busy.

According to /Film, the two were at the TCAs this week to discuss the upcoming second season of the series and gave an update on 23 Jump Street, which the two will return to but only in a producer capacity:

“We are hard at work on 23 Jump Street, which I think we will probably just produce from a time standpoint. We’ve been working really hard. We’ve got a really good first draft of a script in and we’re really excited about it.”

Sony is allegedly developing a crossover concept that would mix the Jump Street franchise with Men in Black. There’s no confirmation as of yet if Lord and Miller’s sequel will be in line with that idea. Whatever the case, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are expected to return for the next installment.

In the meantime, Lord and Miller have been keeping busy with that Star Wars Anthology film centering around Han Solo, The LEGO Movie Sequel, a Spider-Man animated movie, the animated Fox series Son of Zahn and, oh yes, season two of The Last Man on Earth.

(Via /Film)