Prepare To Find Your New Best Friend With The Help Of These ‘Step Brothers’ Facts

It’s been a while, but Step Brothers remains one of the best films to spawn from the relationship between Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, with some John C. Reilly tossed in for good measure. The premise is fairly absurd, but tame compared to something like Anchorman, and it’s full of quotes that hold up well in conversation. I’m especially fond of any of the hateful banter between Reilly and Ferrell when they’re trying to go to sleep.

But there are some things you might not have known about the film (or at least knew, but forgot over time). Like the fact that the Catalina Wine Mixer was entirely made up for the film, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering its legendary status; and that didn’t stop it from becoming a real thing earlier this year. Will Ferrell also lied about playing “Moby Dick” for real on the drum set because the set of testicles used in the scene were fake. They also cost a ton at $10,000, which is ridiculous for fake balls. I’d bring them out for dinner parties, too, if I paid that much.