Chevy Chase Was Apparently Hard To Get Along With During ‘Christmas Vacation’

When it comes to annual Christmas viewings, Christmas Vacation is definitely on the list of movies that need at least one showcase on the television. It carries the best of all the Christmas movie hallmarks: the modern commercialism, family togetherness, bitter work negotiations and kidnapping. All of the best Christmas movies feature at least one, but Christmas Vacation has them all.

But did you know that Home Alone’s Chris Columbus was supposed to direct the film, but couldn’t stand Chevy Chase? He joined a very big club the day he decided not to film Christmas Vacation. It’s also funny how John Hughes could just pull stories from his past to use for films, even the ones he thought were just vehicles for Chevy Chase. Christmas stories are everywhere, though, and most don’t even take place on Christmas. The holiday has always been about the lead up as opposed to the actual day. The day itself is just a boring event to put up with family for a bit longer and Christmas Eve is the real showdown. Christmas Day is like The Day After, but with less nuclear disaster.

You’ll likely have a hard time believing those are not really Randy Quaid’s personal mannerisms on display through Cousin Eddie. Given his recent track record in amateur filmmaking, I’m pretty shocked somebody hasn’t thought to go start digging up jars of money in his yard.