Bone Up On All The Big Reveals Movies In 2015 Had To Offer With 50 Spoilers In 4 Minutes

Quick! Do you foresee any circumstance where you might want to watch a movie from 2015? You better decide quick, because we have an incredibly enticing spoiler-packed video waiting for you if you’re willing to gamble.

The Fine Brothers have knocked out another secret-shattering relay of spoiler reveals for everyone to gasp at. Scoring full points for volume and pace, “50 Movie Spoilers of 2015 in 4 Minutes” is exactly as advertised. If you don’t want the challenging cinematic tour-de-force Minions ruined with unwanted advance details, best to run screaming from this zippy clip.

This rapid-fire rundown starts off with all eight Best Picture contenders for this year’s Academy Award in its sights, but quickly (because everything in this video is quick) shifts its focus to blockbusters, busts, cult favorites and festival darlings. It’s also probably the only time you’ll encounter someone switching from talking about Son of Saul to Ted 2 in the span of ten seconds. There’s also a dash of Maze Runner in there too if you like things with “SCORCH” in the title.

This spoiler orgy is almost worth watching for its single take format alone. You have to be relatively nimble to hop from film to film and genre to genre all in one dizzying go. If you’d care to give this Fine Brothers offering a gander, just direct your attention to the top of the post and hit play. If you’d like to eat a candy bar instead, we can’t help you outside of telling you to go to the corner store.