Here’s Your Father’s Day Streaming Movie Guide

Maybe your Father’s Day plans involve a round of golf, a nice lunch, or an afternoon spent watching a ballgame. But if you and your old man prefer a more relaxing kind of day, there’s always the warming glow of the TV set or computer screen to offer up some choices. Maybe dad wants to watch a screwball comedy or a big action film. Maybe a heart-tugging drama is more his speed. Either way, these films, which are available to stream on HBO Go and HBO Now, are right there waiting for you.


Michael Bay’s 1998 blockbuster about an asteroid on a collision course with Earth serves as the backdrop for the story of Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) and his relationship with his daughter, Grace (Liv Tyler). As he leads a mission into space in order to save the planet, the film shows the unconditional love between a father and daughter. And even the begrudging respect he finds for her boyfriend, Batman.


Based on a book by Carl Sagan and adapted for film by Robert Zemeckis, Contact tells the story of Dr. Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) and her quest to find alien life in the universe. Her desire for exploration, inspired by her late father, leads to a memorable moment as a bridge between her past and humanity’s future is established.

The Judge

Robert Downey Jr. plays Hank Palmer, a big-shot lawyer who returns to his small-town home to attend his mother’s funeral. Robert Duvall plays his father, Joseph, the town judge who later ends up being accused of murder. After a falling out, Hank again returns home to defend his father in court in while working to salvage their fractured relationship. This is one that might result in a few tears, so if you don’t want to see your pop weep, might be best to go the wackier route, like say…

Summer Rental

Carl Reiner’s 1985 comedy stars John Candy as Jack Chester, who’s dangerously overworked and forced into taking a long vacation. He takes his family to Florida with the intention of sharing quality time and reconnecting. While a series of mishaps spiral out of control, they end up coming together to try and save their family vacation. Also, like all good ’80s summer movies, there is a regatta involved.

Young Frankenstein

The timeless comedy written & directed by Mel Brooks, stars Gene Wilder as Frederick Frankenstein, a man trying to distance himself from his mad-scientist grandfather, to the point that he changes the pronunciation of his last name to “Fronkensteen.” After finding his grandfather’s lab, though, he decides to continue his family’s legacy by reanimating the dead, becoming a father of sorts to Peter Boyle’s Monster.

Back to School

Rodney Dangerfield stars as Thornton Melon, a wealthy, but uneducated father who bribes his way into college to help support his son, who it turns out wasn’t the big man on campus he’d made himself out to be. A young Robert Downey Jr. also stars.


A young couple (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) with a newborn baby (some baby) find out that a frat has moved in next door to them. While at first it seems like a way for the couple to re-live their younger, child-free days, soon their relationship with fraternity leader (Zac Efron), escalates into a full-scale feud as Rogen’s character ends up having to re-examine his newfound role as a father.

The Lego Movie

A film largely remembered for fun and over-the-top animated antics set within a world of colorful toy blocks, The Lego Movie, at it’s heart, was a story about a son trying to connect with his father (Will Ferrell), through those same colorful toy blocks. Maybe a little too young for you to watch with your dad, but perfect for you to watch with your kid.