Watch This Bunch Of Dudes Watch ‘The Notebook’ For The First Time (And Like It?)

In this video, Buzzfeed rounded up a bunch of guys to hang out and watch The Notebook together, you know, like guys do. Personally I’ve never seen The Notebook and have no plans to rectify that anytime soon, so while I could just read what happens on Wikepedia like I usually do when I want to spoil a movie, I’ve instead attempted to decipher the plot based on the reactions of the dudes in the video.

From what I can best tell, the plot seems to revolve around Rachel McAdams, a girl from a well to do family — and Ryan Gosling, who is a hunky poor garbage person working at the lumberyard. Ryan Gosling seems to employ some borderline stalkerish tactics to woo his lady which for some reason work because this is a Nicholas Sparks jawn. However after they fall in love Rachel McAdams’ mother — a.k.a. Catelyn Stark — disapproves and makes her daughter choose between money and love, so she eventually dumps him to date some medal-emblazoned war hero.

Eventually they end up getting back together — or maybe they don’t, I don’t know? — and then they grow old and die and it’s sad. Yeah I’m still not sure I understand the appeal of this movie. So thanks, random dudes, for taking one for the team.