‘A Cure For Wellness’ Creeps Us Out With A New Super Bowl Trailer

How do you survive a hospital that’s trying to kill you? That’s the central question of A Cure For Wellness, director Gore Verbinski’s return theaters after a three-year absence following The Lone Ranger.

Verbinski returns to his roots here. Before movies like Pirates of The Caribbean and The Lone Ranger, Verbinski made his name with the understated freakiness of The Ring, which just came back to theaters itself this weekend with Rings. Wellness follows Dane DeHaan as a corporate executive who’s trying to track down his boss. Said boss has been staying at an exclusive medical spa, located in an isolated castle, and engaged in questionable research. DeHaan’s corporate raider is quickly injured and forced to recuperate at said spa, only to discover that there’s far more to it than just tastefully arranged exercise equipment and elaborate swimming tanks. In order to survive, he’ll have to unravel the mystery of the hospital while surviving the “treatments” he’s subjected to.

It’s particularly interesting because it lets Verbinski work in a Hitchcockian mode. As you can see from the trailer, everything’s been carefully chosen to create a specific atmosphere or look a specific way. And, of course, to be incredibly creepy. A Cure For Wellness arrives February 17th.