A Jim Carrey Impersonator Tricked His Way Onto The Stage At The Czech Oscars

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02.23.15 4 Comments

The Czech Lion is the Czech Republic’s answer to Oscars, except instead of boring Eddie Redmayne, they get a Jim Carrey impersonator. The Daily Mail reported that “officials at the Czech Lion Awards… had been contacted by people claiming to represent Jim Carrey, claiming the actor was in the area and wanted to attend.” The cameo was kept private, “because of security concerns” (it would’ve been chaos if the press knew the star of Yes Man was there), and the not-Carrey made it into the live show, fooling no one but the duped “officials.”

If only they had listened to his constant pleas of “somebody stop me.”

Film director Jan Sverak, who supervised the ceremony, said: “We have become very likely the target of a very elaborate hoax. I’m so sorry.”

Both he and the organisers had earlier insisted that it was the real Jim Carrey who appeared. Even the award host Lucie Vyborna had insisted he was real, telling Czech newspaper Blesk shortly after the ceremony.

She said: “Of course the real Jim Carrey was on the stage. I knew that he would come but I did not know what he would do there. He appeared for a very short time and people did not have chance to recognise him. I have heard people suggesting it was a lookalike but I can say no, it was really him.” (Via)

It was actually Andy Kaufman.

Via The Daily Mail

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