A Lifeguard-Themed Comedy From ‘Weekend Update’ Host Colin Jost Is Coming To Netflix

Today in “Netflix is an ever-growing snowball picking up project after project as it tumbles down a mountain and barrels into subscribers’ homes, throwing money at every script it sees, to the extent rolling snowballs can throw money” news, the streaming service has just acquired a coming-of-age lifeguard movie from SNL Weekend Update host Colin Jost. Titled Staten Island Summer, the film was produced by Lorne Michaels and is about… wait, what is it about, anyway?

Graham Phillips (“The Good Wife”) and Zack Pearlman (“Mulaney”) star as best friends and recent high-school graduates who decide to work as lifeguards during the summer while they figure out their future. The film is reportedly based on Jost’s own experience as a young lifeguard in New York.

Yeah, OK. That checks out as “a coming-of-age lifeguard movie.” The film also co-stars Method Man, Jim Gaffigan, Ashley Green from Twilight and a bunch of current and former SNL castmembers, including Will Forte, Fred Armisen, Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong. This all sounds well and good, but it would also be fine if they okie-dokie us and the whole movie is just an uncensored, 90-minute version of the sketches where Strong and Moynihan insult their co-workers. With Method Man. And cussing. Lots of cussing. (The cussing makes it good.) That could be a movie, too.

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(Via The Wrap)