A New Rumor Says ‘Batman V. Superman’ Will Feature A Female Robin, And It Makes Perfect Sense

It isn’t everyday that a local news affiliate manages to start a major entertainment rumor, but Detroit’s WILX is behind some big rumors for Batman V. Superman. According to a shadowy source with the worst voice disguise I’ve ever heard, Jena Malone from The Hunger Games and a ton of Hot Topic related crushes will play a female Robin in the movie.

She’s on the set according to numerous reports, but there is no confirmation on who she is playing aside from this mysterious informant under the threat of a $5 million lawsuit. From The AV Club:

[The] latest hot scoop that may or may not end up being totally bullshit is that Jena Malone—who plays Johanna Mason in the Hunger Games movies—will be appearing in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice as none other than Robin, the Boy Wonder. Now, Malone happens to be a girl, so that means this could be the Carrie Kelley version of Robin who first appeared in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns—the comic miniseries that seems to have inspired big chunks of what we know about Batman V. Superman.

Now Robin rumors in Batman movies have been the norm since the early nineties, back when Marlon Wayans was rumored for the role after Batman Returns. Most are silly and don’t fit, but this one would actually fit with the narrative that was proposed back when Batman V. Superman was announced.

If you’re taking your cues from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, it’s only right that you’d have a female Robin running around and doing Robin like things. Hell, she could even be Stephanie Brown AKA the other female Robin from the comics. Either way, I think it would fit and not in some bleeding heart way.

What do you think? Robin isn’t the only rumor floating around in the clip below, so is it a smokescreen to drive people into a frenzy or is this mystery person risking a large penalty for spilling the beans?

(Via The AV Club / Variety / WILX / The Hollywood Reporter)