The ‘A Quiet Place 2’ Teaser (Almost) Silently Recaptures The Tension Of The First Film

Paramount Pictures’ A Quiet Place 2 teaser has finally appeared online after playing last weekend in theaters, and it’s safe to say that even the absence of John Krasinski (in front of the camera) won’t dissolve the residual tension from the first film. The teaser is still quietly effective while Emily Blunt’s matriarch sets off on foot with her three children at some point after Krasinski’s character sacrificed himself for the family. Of course, we don’t see much! This is only a teaser, but we still see Blunt softly stepping through a forest with bare feet and a baby. And naturally, the teaser includes a few seconds when we don’t know whether Blunt will step on a branch, thereby summoning the monsters.

One (silly) question is puzzling me about this teaser. How on earth is that dress holding up throughout everything that Blunt’s character has endured? Everyone will recall the nearly intolerable birth scene from the first movie, and yup, she was wearing this same dress, which still somehow looks fresh as a daisy and pops with color. That basement washing machine setup must be even more incredible than I imagined. Oh, and will Krasinski play the monsters again? One can only hope. The sequel also reportedly includes an origin story for the creatures, which sounds ominous as heck.

Paramount will also drop an official trailer on New Year’s Day for this Krasinski-directed sequel that’s set to arrive on March 20.