Aaron Paul Finally Weighs In On Those Han Solo Rumors

Last week, the rumor site Making Star Wars reported that Aaron Paul was going to be playing Han Solo. But is that actually happening? Let’s ask Aaron Paul himself!

So… that’s a no, then?

I have to admit, I’m not surprised. While Episode VII has been rolling out smoothly for Disney, the first spin-off is supposedly coming in 2016, and we know absolutely nothing about it. Rumors abound that the spin-offs are having trouble coming together. Supposedly, the first one will be a heist film that sets up A New Hope and is on the way for 2016, but we don’t even have a title yet and it hasn’t started shooting.

That said, we hope the Han rumor remains just that. Realistically, if these spinoffs are ultimately going to make sense and be any fun, they really need to be more than just a rehash of Han blowing this thing and going home. Besides, considering the luck this franchise has had with prequels… well, let’s hope the franchise stays focused on the future.

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