Edina And Patsy Are Here To Behave Badly In The First Official Trailer For ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’

Absolutely Fabulous is a real gem of a television show. Originally aired in the UK, Ab Fab followed the antics of two pill-popping, booze-swilling, responsibility-avoiding women, Patsy and Edina, and their misguided quest for glamour. Born from the comedic minds of Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, Ab Fab has had a passionate fandom since it first started in 1992. The series ran for three seasons, then was revived for a few more in 2002, and then had a reunion special in 2012. Just like Edina and Patsy, you just can’t keep the show down.

Fans were pretty psyched when an Absolutely Fabulous film was announced, and now they get a first look at what’s to come. If you were expecting public drunkenness, delusions of grandeur, and a ton of celebrity cameos, you thought right. According to this new trailer, in an attempt to secure a job as her PR lackeys, Edina and Patsy are accidentally responsible for the apparent murder of Kate Moss. On the run from the law and ruined reputations (as if they had any dignity left), they flee to the French Riviera in order to avoid punishment and live the fabulous lives they always thought they were born to live.

Honestly, though, plot is second to seeing Saunders and Joanna Lumley back in action. Jon Hamm and Gwendoline Christie are just gravy. Super sexy gravy.