A Look Back On 39 Actors Nearly Cast As Han Solo

Entertainment Editor
05.13.16 2 Comments

We know the video says “50 actors,” but we only have 39 names.

It would be damn hard to imagine anyone else but Harrison Ford as Han Solo. He’s just got that “perfect mix of distain and indifference for all things Star Wars,” as described by Mr. Sunday Movies, who you may know from his videos on subjects like everyone Iron Man’s killed and Easter eggs in the Suicide Squad blitz trailer. Now Mr. Sunday’s back with a round up of the fifty (or thirty-nine) actors who were nearly cast as Solo in the original trilogy and in the upcoming 2018 Han Solo solo movie from directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (The LEGO Movie, 21 Jump Street).

Now that Alden Ehrenreich — the scene-stealer from Hail, Caesar! — has been cast as the young Solo, we can look back on all the other actors besides Ford and Ehrenreich who were considered for the role.

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