Adam DeVine Has No Confidence In His Looks When Compared To Zac Efron

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Adam DeVine puts forth a confident demeanor with his character on Workaholics, but his real self is a bit reserved. This is especially true when he is in proximity to his Mike & Dave co-star Zac Efron. The pair appeared on Conan to promote the film together and DeVine managed to compare himself to a troll doll while talking about the reactions they get from fans in public. For Efron, it’s all kids, girls, and a bunch of frustrated mothers.

DeVine on the other hand has another set of fans entirely that seem to come running from their local frat house or college party, armed with beer bongs and frisbees. Whatever else a bro might carry.

You can really tell who does the heavy comedy lifting between the two in this interview. Also Conan pops in to make fun of DeVine’s “stroke face” with one of his own, which is really a treat. Efron just doesn’t seem like he’s got the energy or he seems like he’s out of place here. Maybe someone could go get him a coffee or some sort of candy? No clue. Maybe he’s upset he’s not playing beer pong or lip syncing on the show. That’s the easy answer.

(Via Team Coco)

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