There’s A Very Good Reason Netflix Paid Adam Sandler All That Money

To quote a much better comedy western than The Ridiculous 6, Netflix paid Adam Sandler a sh*t load of dimes for a four-movie deal. The first two contractually obligated films have already been released — the aforementioned donkey turd that is The Ridiculous 6 and the Sandler and Spade team-up The Do-Over — with a third coming in 2017. But have you ever heard anyone talk about The Do-Over outside of Twitter? Making fun of The Cobbler or Grown Ups 2 was a shared experience; Sandler’s Netflix movies seem to exist in a content blackhole. And yet, they’re incredibly popular.

Netflix would spend every dime, every time.

“The two Adam Sandler movies premiered at No. 1 in every single territory of Netflix around the world,” Netflix’s COO Ted Sarandos told the Hollywood Reporter. “The Do-Over is still in the top 10 in nearly all of them. It’s been a hugely successful deal, and he’s got another one called Sandy [Wexler]. The thing that is most global on Netflix is Adam Sandler.” This backs up what Sarandos said earlier this year, when he claimed The Ridiculous 6 was “the most-watched movie in the history of Netflix” after only 30 days. (Just how “most-watched”? We’ll never know due to Netflix not releasing their numbers. But at least 71 of those views came from Rob Schneider. He has it on a loop.)

Gibberish and cargo shorts translate into every language.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)

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