All The Times You Saw Adam Scott And May Not Have Realized It

Just because Adam Scott might have become an ambassador for Pawnee as Ben Wyatt, he didn’t always get the nice guy roles. He’s spent plenty of time playing dirtbags and bullies along the way before Party Down and Parks and Recreation. There was the junior high douche (Boy Meets World), the 18th century douche (Hellraiser: Bloodline), the psychotic douche (Ronnie), and of course, the younger brother douche (Step Brothers). The guy just has a knack for playing jerk characters who you’d love to punch.

Today is Scott’s 42nd birthday, and to mark the occasion, I’ve rounded up a brief timeline of his roles that you might have forgotten about before Leslie Knope came calling.

1. Boy Meets World (1994-95): Griffin “Griff” Hawkins
He appeared in various episodes.

2. ER (1995): David Kerstetter
“Full Moon, Saturday Night”

3. Murder One (1995): Sydney Schneider
He appeared in various episodes.

4. Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996): Jacques

5. The Last Days of Frankie the Fly (1996): Race Track Valet

6. Star Trek: First Contact (1996): Defiant Conn Officer

7. Party of Five (1998-99): Josh Macon
He appeared in various episodes.

8. Ronnie (2002): Ronnie Schwann

9. High Crimes (2002): Lt. Terrence Embry

10. Six Feet Under (2002): Ben Cooper
“In Place of Anger” and “Invisible Woman”

11. Torque (2004): Agent McPherson

12. CSI: Miami (2004): Danny Cato

13. The Aviator (2004): Johnny Meyer

14. Veronica Mars (2005): Chuck Rooks
“Mars vs. Mars”

15. The Return (2006): Kurt

16. Knocked Up (2007): Samuel

17. Tell Me You Love Me (2007): Palek
He appeared in various episodes.

18. The Great Buck Howard (2008): Alan Berkman

Finally, you knew you were seeing him, but it’s still glorious…

Step Brothers (2008): Derek