Adele Proves Her Awesomeness Once Again By Letting Her Son Wear A ‘Frozen’ Anna Costume To Disneyland

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02.17.16 2 Comments

Adele continues to prove that she can do no wrong. Not only does she handle sound problems with class at the Grammys and shut down Donald Trump, but she is also a really fun and chill mom. At a recent outing to Disneyland with her son Angelo and her partner Simon Konecki, people noticed that Angelo was kicking it in some pretty awesome Frozen threads, wearing an Anna costume. While many parents would panic at this rejection of gender norms, Adele seems to be handling it with the same devil-may-care attitude for which she has become so well known.

A quick perusal through the Twitter replies definitely exposes some haters, but seriously, bravo Adele for letting her son be himself without making a fuss. These three just look like a normal family (albeit a family with a super famous mum and probably enough money to buy the theme park) having a lark at Disneyland, because that’s what’s supposed to go down at the happiest place on earth. Things are about to get even more insane for Adele as she prepares to kick off her world tour, so it’s nice to see that she’s getting some downtime with the family while she’s smashing gender expectations like a boss.

(Via Mashable)

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