The ‘Aladdin’ Magic Carpet Prankster Returns For A Soaring San Francisco Ride

News Editor

Last Halloween, the male half of the PrankvsPrank couple took to the streets of New York City in an Aladdin costume, but he wasn’t your typical Time Square opportunist. He built a booster board-powered magic carpet and glided throughout Manhattan like he was astride an oversized skateboard. That video scored over 15 million views and was yet another YouTube success. The duo, Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, regularly prove that the internet will never tire of their seemingly endless appetite to irritate the hell out of each other. Most of the time, that’s the real draw with these prankster couples. Pies in the face aren’t nearly as fun as watching the relationship dynamic and wondering where that energy comes from.

In New York, Wellens zipped up and down miraculously traffic-free streets to the delight of tourists. With this San Francisco sequel, his presence is no less delightful to the masses, but he brought his lady along for the ride. Smith dresses as the Jasmine character, and Wellens scoops her up so they can tour the city together. He maintains his poker face throughout the video, but she enjoys herself enough for both of them (even though they never make it to Alcatraz). There’s a behind-the-scenes video below, but first, the couple put the magic carpet up for grabs. Someone must have claimed it already.

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