Alfonso Cuaron Is Going To Be Involved With That Other ‘Jungle Book’ Movie

Alfonso Cuaron Attends to Possibility Sessions
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You know The Jungle Book? The live action one? The one that came out this weekend directed by everyone’s favorite Friends guest star, Jon Favreau? The one that’s really good? Yeah, this article isn’t about that movie. This is about the OTHER Jungle Book movie, Jungle Book: Origins, which is NOT produced by Disney, but Warner Bros. Confused yet? Take a deep breath. It’s gonna be okay.

It was announced today by Warner Bros. that in addition to legendary motion-capture artist Andy Serkis (who happens to do a mean Jar-Jar Binks impression) at the director’s helm, the film would feature the involvement of Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron. Cuaron is a versatile director who has worked on everything from the third movie in that series about that kid with the scar on his forehead to 2013’s nausea-inducing Gravity. He’s a hugely acclaimed filmmaker who will be assisting Serkis and company in creating a new adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s novel.

The catch is that the extent of his involvement hasn’t really been defined, and Cuaron will be a “consultant” on the film. This could mean a million different things in Hollywood speak. He could be functioning as an assistant director with Serkis, providing insight in the digital effects department, or helping with post-production. Right now, we don’t know. But as immensely talented as Cuaron is, it’s tough to imagine his involvement in any facet of the making of this movie being detrimental. Jungle Book: Origins will be released in 2018, unless it gets delayed again.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)