‘Alien: Covenant’ Star Michael Fassbender Might Have Just Dropped A Pretty Big Spoiler

Michael Fassbender will be stabbing his way through Inquisition-era Spain in theaters this December in Assassin’s Creed and has the upcoming drama The Light Between Oceans out next month, so that means he’s on the radio and TV constantly. And that means getting asked about his other upcoming blockbuster, Alien: Covenant. Which is why Fassbender accidentally dropped a fairly big spoiler. Needless to say, if you want a total mystery when you go into the theater, stop reading.

Still here? We warned you. Fassbender, around, 6:20 in this interview on BBC Radio 2, slips up and refers to the classic acid-spitting aliens as “Neomorphs,” instead of Xenomorphs. An Alien fan blog quickly followed up stating that the “Neomorph” is a new type of alien we see in the movie: The big difference is they have translucent skin and don’t care where they burst from: Neomorphs apparently erupt from throats, backs, you name it, although hopefully we won’t see a repeat of the “medical” sequence in Prometheus.

True, this is a lot to spin off of one slip-up, but it seems fairly credible that there would be new Aliens in a movie where the Aliens haven’t fully evolved into the vent-crawlers we know and love. We’ll find out August 4th.

(via Blastr)