A Major Spoiler For ‘Alien: Covenant’ May Reveal Its Connection To The Original ‘Alien’

WARNING: This post will contain spoilers for Alien: Covenant that may anger fans of the original Alien. This has been your warning.

So a hefty spoiler hit online earlier regarding the identity of a character in Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant. The Playlist carried the initial report that has since spread around, but it has since been replaced by the following message in their story:

Spoiler removed at the request of the studio.

Now this could mean a few things, one being that the rumor is false and the studio doesn’t want false information out there. But the fact that many other sites have carried it post-removal adds a bit of credence to the entire thing. Slash Film is carrying the original quote from The Playlist story, so close out if you’re foolishly still reading and want to avoid the spoiler. Here it is:

Sources close to film and actress tell us the [Katherine Waterston] will be playing Ellen Ripley’s mother in “Alien: Covenant,” which is an amazing twist and true to Ridley Scott’s promise that the post-“Prometheus” prequels will eventually lead right up to the first “Alien” movie. It should be noted however, that Waterston isn’t the lead of the movie, and it’s an ensemble piece like “Prometheus.”

Good idea? Bad idea? Personally, it feels a little bit too much like they’re trying to shoehorn the Ripley connection in there. At least it does if the rumor turns out to be true. The good thing would be keeping the character away from the central role, much like Ripley in the first movie. She’s the sole survivor in the end, but she never truly feels like a standout from the ensemble until the end.

Just wait until the introduce the Predators in the third film of this series. That’s when fans are really going to end up losing it.

(Via Slash Film / The Playlist)