‘Alien: Covenant’ Is Counting Down To A Christmas Trailer With A Slew Of Teases For Fans

12.24.16 2 years ago

Some folks got their first look at Alien: Covenant a few weeks ago, but it would seem that latest from Ridley Scott will get a date with your Christmas festivities. The official account for the film on Twitter has been teasing something with a slew of mysterious photos from the film over the past few days, concluding with the teaser for the trailer above on Christmas Eve. This along with reactions to that footage many folks have already seen should be coming tomorrow — or at least some point here soon — and everything we’ve seen to this point indicates a return to horror for the franchise.

The teaser above seems to keep with the fear of the dark theme of the poster we’ve already seen, but the teaser images seem to indicate a nice mix from across all of the films we’ve seen in the franchise to this point. The only recognizable face is Michael Fassbender in his role as David from Prometheus. According to Polygon, some folks on Reddit have tried to decode the timestamps included with the photos, assuming there is some chronological connection between them all:

“They all follow the structure of a time XX:XX, followed by a month, day and year XX-XX; 2104. The dates increase in time,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “The first was 22:05; 12-05; 2104. Military operation. The second was 13:01; 12-06; 2104. Arrival of survey team in cryo-stasis. The third is 18:56; 12-08; 2104. Exploration of the discovered alien structure. The first Alien was set in 2122, making this a prequel.”

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