What Do The New Xenomorphs Tell Us About ‘Alien: Covenant’ And Its Connection To ‘Alien’

A new leak has given us our first look at the Xenomorphs we’ll be seeing in Alien: Covenant, possibly giving some solid information on how Ridley Scott’s sequel to Prometheus is making a course correction from its predecessor and fully jumping back into the classic storyline. The movie site So Is It Any Good has posted a set of photos reportedly from the set of the film, showing props and creatures that seem to be the bridge between the monsters we’ve come to know from the series and the monster we glimpsed at the end of Prometheus:

Now as we reported earlier in the week, Michael Fassbender spoiled the name of the new beasties in an interview with BBC Radio 2, referring to them as Neomorphs. This is something that has been teased with other rumors about the monsters, with Screencrush reporting that it will all be tied to that black goo we saw in Prometheus:

According to AVP Galaxy, the new aliens reportedly spawn from black goo mutating a local ecosystem. When pods growing on trees are disturbed, they release spores, and those spores enter the crew members of Covenant through their nostrils and ears. And that’s when things turn ugly. According to the site, “The spores cause the growth of the Neomorphs inside the infected hosts […] One of the Neomorphs bursts from the back of one of the infected crew, a backburster. The other crew member’s Neomorph erupts through their throat.”

All of this, even the photos, should be taken with a hefty dose of skepticism. It’s just the nature of dealing with something unofficial. That said, the images are really good fakes if they are fake. The creatures are movie qualities and feature plenty of hallmarks that we’ve seen since the original Alien movie. The face hugger and eggs appear, the space jockey’s cockpit returns for another look, and it seems that some of the xenomorphs are being experimented on — possibly explaining how we get from the giant Noomi Rapace jellyfish creature to the smaller, classic face hugger from the original films.

It would definitely seem that Ridley Scott is sprinkling more than just Alien DNA into this film, crafting a full prequel that many thought Prometheus was going to be. It appears we’re going to get that in this one, but will we get any of the lingering questions from Prometheus answered? Will this just ignore that stuff other than having the return of Elizabeth and Michael Fassbender’s David? Does anybody truly care?

I would say yes to that last question, especially given the amount of time some folks put into the details with it. But if you’re only interested in the Alien aspects, you definitely seem to be on the right road to happiness with Covenant. Check out the photos over here and judge for yourself.

(Via Screen Crush / So Is It Any Good?)