Ridley Scott Drops A Major ‘Alien: Covenant’ Spoiler With His Special Screening At SXSW

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WARNING: Major possible spoilers for Alien: Covenant out of SXSW below, so don’t read unless you’re very curious or feel that you already know what’s spoiled and are superior in every way.

As we mentioned earlier, Alien: Covenant made its presence felt at SXSW following a screening of the classic film. Not only did we get to “Meet Walter” via a new viral ad and website, it seems we’re also getting a crash course behind where those pesky xenomorphs actually come from months before the movie is even in theaters. While it’s definitely a spoiler that possibly gives away a major plot point that affects the entire Alien franchise, it is the kind of spoiler fans have expected. Also, we never know if Scott is fooling around or planning to shift gears when the film hits theaters.

But as it stands right now, according to The Verge, the film is prepared to make some very firm statements about a subject fans of Alien have been wondering for a long time. Head below the very angry xenomorph below to find out and remember, possible spoilers are ahead:

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