An ‘Aliens’ Superfan Proposed To His Girlfriend In Front Of James Cameron At Comic-Con

It really is too bad that Comic-Con only happens once a year. If there were more frequent incarnations, we’d all get more frequent opportunities to watch dudes propose to their girlfriends using ’80’s sci-fi action movies to grease the skids.

That actually happened at the annual event in San Diego on Saturday, when a die-hard fan of Aliens, the 1986 James Cameron classic, attended a panel celebrating the movie’s 30th anniversary, grabbed the mic and told his girlfriend — in front of Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton, Paul Reiser and Cameron himself, among others — “If you’ll nuke the site from orbit with me, that would be great,” before presenting her with a ring.

Now that’s true love in an intergalactic sense. The happy couple got to go up on stage and meet Cameron, Weaver and other assorted cast and crew members from Aliens. No word yet on whether they asked Cameron to officiate their pending nuptials or if they got the director to admit he’s only kidding about the four (!!!) upcoming Avatar sequels.

Really the only thing that would have made the surprise proposal even better is if my man was dressed like the Alien Queen herself of was carrying an industrial sized flamethrower like the one used by Weaver in the movie. Still, this was indeed love, Comic-Con style. How sweet it is.

(Via The Verge)