Alison Williams Says Jordan Peele Thought She’d Be Perfect For ‘Get Out’ After Seeing Her In ‘Peter Pan’

If you haven’t seen Get Out by this point, Thanksgiving should be your entrance into Jordan Peele‘s house of horrors. It’ll be very helpful before the film ends up getting attention during awards season. Allison Williams stopped by The Tonight Show and ended up talking about her role in the film quite a bit, revealing that it was one of her previous roles that earned her a spot as the seemingly perfect Rose.

No, it wasn’t her time on Girls that sealed the deal in Peele’s eyes. Instead, he thought her performance as Peter Pan on NBC’s live musical broadcast a few years ago made her perfect for the role:

“Jordan cast me because of Peter Pan. He was like, ‘If she could fly on live television for three hours with Christopher Walken walking around beneath her, she’ll do anything…She’s got this innocence, she played Peter Pan, We need someone who immediately the audience trusts because the movie just gets going and you have to be on her side’”

As she tells Jimmy Fallon, he was dead on with his thinking and she really takes a turn in the film from the nice sweet girlfriend to a calculating predator by the end of the film. Just be happy that it wasn’t the wirework itself that convinced Peele to cast her in the film. You’d be taken right out of the story is she went flying out of her bedroom window to close out the movie like some sort of banshee.

(Via The Tonight Show)