Here Are All The Movies Disappearing From Netflix In December

11.26.14 5 years ago 47 Comments
Have we been bad boys and girls? No? Then why is Santa taking from us instead of giving? And how can we say thanks to anything on Turkey Day, when some of our beloved Netflix titles are being vanquished from the almighty cloud? It’s not fair!

Thankfully, Santa will be coming to bring us a fresh new batch of stuff to curb our binge-watching blues, but until then, we should all pour a few shots of Uncle Frank’s get-loose-juice into the egg nog mee-maw brought over. You still have a little less than a week to catch these movies before they’re gone (enter sad face emoticon here), so kick your lazy cousin out of your favorite recliner and start TV-gazing.

The Top Seven Movies You Should Watch Now

1. Mission Impossible III

Soon to be Star Wars helmer, J.J Abrams, made one of — if not thee — best film in this series which follows the exploits of Tom Cruise’s indestructible Ethan Hunt. Philip Seymore Hoffman puts on an antagonist clinic as the smart and methodical weapons dealer looking to foil Hunt’s plans of obtaining the mystical “rabbit’s foot.”

2. The Apostle

At his age, Robert Duvall doesn’t have much left in the tank in terms of oxygen and heart rate, but if this potent tale of a man searching for redemption by manning his own church and congregation doesn’t gently tickle one of you heart strings, then it is you that should be laid to rest. World-class acting by Duvall in this riveting tale.

3. The Serpent And the Rainbow

This Wes Craven film — starring a spry Bill Pullman — is a guilty pleasure of mine. Pullman’s character ventures deep into voodoo territory to find the truth about the Haitian zombie myth, but he soon finds that the truth he wanted is much more dangerous than he can handle.

4. Event Horizon

Why this film doesn’t appear more often when people speak of the greatest horror films of all time is beyond me. Imagine a ship that goes to hell, comes back, then distorts your fears to the point that you want to gouge your eyes out. Literally. A truly horrific, atmospheric tale of terror.

5. Double Indemnity

Billy Wilder was the master of film-noir, and this gem displays all his talents: snappy, quick-witted dialogue, a seething femme fatale, and subtextual alliances all blanketed with moving shadows. This film was nominated for 7 oscars in 1945, and rightfully so.

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