Brad Pitt’s Marriage Is A Little Tense In The Latest Trailer For ‘Allied’

Things are not going well for Brad Pitt. He and his wife, Angelina Jolie, shocked the world a few weeks ago when they announced their intention to divorce. Things got progressively messier, as an investigation into possible child abuse was launched against Pitt following the split. On top of all that, the chemistry between himself and Marion Cotillard in the first trailer for Allied was so palpable that it caused many who can’t separate fact from fiction to speculate that the two were locked in some torrid affair, which Cotillard quickly denied. At this point, it’s safe to assume that whatever the press tour for this Thanksgiving release is going to be a nightmare for Pitt.

And yet despite all of that, Pitt’s problems are small potatoes compared to the drama surrounding the life of his Allied character, Max Vatan. The intrigue is cranked up to 11 in the latest trailer, which feels like Casablanca meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Vatan and Cotillard’s Marianne Beausejour are spies in love against the backdrop of WWII, and things are as rosy as possible (despite, you know, all the war) until the higher ups begin to suspect that Beausejour is a double agent for Germany. If that’s not bad enough, it’s his job to put her down if she is proven to be a turncoat. It’s safe to say that the drama that unfolds on and off screen will be worth watching.

Allied will hit theaters on November 23.