Rumor: There’s A Very Special Item In Amanda Waller’s Trophy Case In ‘Suicide Squad’

While there are many eyes on the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there seem to be just as many on its follow-up, Suicide Squad. Maybe because Suicide Squad will be DC’s first real test in their competition with Marvel. Selling a movie starring the two giants of the company is easy, but selling a movie that’s essentially the company’s Guardians of the Galaxy (a film about a team of characters most people have never heard of) is a much harder task.

Given that, there are rumors floating around that lend credence to the idea that DC will put together an MCU-like connected universe. The latest:

If the trident is indeed in the trophy case, it does have to make you wonder how it got there. If you’ll recall, S.H.I.E.L.D. obtained a lot of the mystical items it had in its possession by way of the massive battle at the end of The Avengers. Does this mean there’s an epic, city-destroying battle in Batman v Superman? We know there’s a brawl, but is it on the scale that would cause Aquaman to lose track of his trident?