Amy Schumer’s Ultimate Celebrity Fantasies Involve Zombies And ‘The Land Before Time’

Amy Schumer appears in December’s GQ “Men of the Year” issue, where she’s asked to go into detail about her ultimate male fantasies, which include various celebrities, athletes, and even the president of the United States (the latter involves Barack Obama, New Orleans, jazz music and scotch). And, as usual, the Trainwreck star did not hold back.

While some of Schumer’s fantasies are fairly intricate, such as fighting off a zombie outbreak with Will Smith midway into shooting a film, others involve hibachi with Tracy Morgan and just “anal” with Bradley Cooper. (While she doesn’t elaborate, I can only hope/assume that this fantasty would involve Cooper on the receiving end of a strap-on.)

Schumer also has some very specific plans for 27-year-old NBA shooter Steph Curry:

I ask him who he is. He tells me — I think it’s basketball. He asks who I am. I tell him, Chelsea Handler. Then we spoon and watch The Land Before Time. Why that? How about it’s none of your business what we do!!!

That’s fine with me. What happens between Amy Schumer and Steph Curry is completely Amy Schumer and Steph Curry’s business. I won’t even pass judgement if they squeeze in a double feature including An American Tail.

(Via GQ)