Want To See Amy Schumer Lick C-3PO On The Cover Of GQ? Of Course You Do.

The annual comedy issue of GQ is out, and pop culture’s most beautiful princess, Amy Schumer, is gracing the cover and getting filthy-dirty-sexy with none other than C-3PO. Schumer is having what professionals call “a great year,” as her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer continues to get better with every season, and her well-received turn as the star and screenwriter of Trainwreck hits theaters Friday. In other words, who else could GQ have put on the cover of their comedy issue? Some dude? Not likely.

Schumer, who was photographed by Mark Seliger, is ruling the universe this year and she has earned the crap out of it. So keep flying like a comedic fireball through that big, starry sky, Amy. And say hi to Pluto for everyone. Maybe buy it a drink, because its good year just started.

Here is the front cover as shot by Seliger:

Also worth mentioning: I always thought C-3PO was gay, but I guess even a shiny gay robot would let Amy Schumer lick his finger. That’s how hot she is right now.

To see the entire gallery of sordid but saucy shots, visit the GQ website.