Amy Schumer’s Monologue Just Proved The MTV Movie Awards Are Still Fun

In case you’re so over the mainstream movie awards during the typical, boring movie awards season, the MTV Movie Awards are airing tonight to remind us all that it still exists. A tongue-in-cheek take on the “best” movies, actors and moments of the past year, the MTV Movie Awards is to credibility what, well, a lot of the biggest film critics are to credibility.

For example, Jennifer Lopez just won an award for The Boy Next Door, which was so bad that I honestly thought it was a Seltzer and Friedberg film. But MTV knows that this isn’t about the awards as much as it’s about which huge A-listers are willing to show up to accept buckets of popcorn (see: Lopez, Jennifer).

That’s why Amy Schumer is the perfect comic to host this mess of star worship and celebrity ass-grabbery, and her opening routine was her standard display of mockery and mean-but-clever takedowns. Dear MTV, more Schumer and less pretending that The Boy Next Door was even remotely scary.