Andrew Garfield’s Story About A High Trip To Disneyland Makes A Good Case For Legalization

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01.04.17 3 Comments

The case for the legalization of marijuana has long had its proponents, explaining the benefits from treating PTSD in veterans to treating NBA players’ injuries. It might even help you make it through Donald Trump’s inauguration. Well, Golden Globe nominee Andrew Garfield is here to explain yet another reason to embrace marijuana: it makes going to Disneyland even more awesome.

In a recent interview with W Magazine, Garfield recounts the tale of his 29th birthday, in which he, his then girlfriend Emma Stone, and his best friends made a wicked batch of pot brownies and went to the happiest place on earth. Honestly, it sounds like a pretty rad time.

“How about Space Mountain three times in a row. I freaked out on It’s a Small World. I was like, ‘it is – it is a f*cking small world – it’s a f*cking – it’s a really f*cking small world guys, is anyone else seeing how small it is?’ Amazing. Amazing.”

“There was a moment where me and my friends found ourselves walking Fantasy Land, and there was a song that was playing coming out of the trees and we were all doing this dancing through and I think at one point we all started looking around going, ‘Why are we all doing the same dance, how did this happen?’… It was wild. It was one of the best days of my life. It really was.”

Garfield goes on to say that he’s not a heavy user by any means and everything should be done in moderation, but it seems that on top of the medical benefits, pot also makes Space Mountain even more of a trip.

(Via W Magazine)

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