Andrew McCarthy Had A Very Good Tweet About A Clothing Store Robbery

I miss 1980s Andrew McCarthy. 2016 Andrew McCarthy plays a pedophile wrongly accused of murder (but a pedophile nonetheless) in a crappy, canceled ABC drama. 1980s McCarthy was the handsome Blane in Pretty In Pink and the tortured Clay in Less Than Zero, but was arguably best known for his iconic role in Mannequin. In it, he starred as a man who falls in love with a plastic woman who only he can see.

You know who else hasn’t forgotten how great Mannequin was? Andrew McCarthy, who tweeted this Friday morning:

The link, of course, leads to a hot police blotter story from Canada’s The Intelligencer about a couple of mannequins stolen out of a store — lest anyone think that perhaps the guy is a mannequin perv in real life.

Well played, McCarthy. Now excuse me while I go watch the music video for Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” like 100 times in a row.