Andy Samberg Morphed Into Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder For The ‘Non-Memorium’ At The Spirit Awards

02.26.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

We imagine tonight’s Academy Awards will be full of fun, fancy clothes and statuette ownership, but Saturday’s Film Independent Spirit Awards certainly looks like it’ll come out on top as the livelier party. Co-hosts Nick Kroll and John Mulaney filleted Trump, Bannon and the like to the delight of the crowd. The speeches didn’t stray from that subject, either. Plus, Moonlight picked up a bounty of prizes (including Best Feature) and that’s a lovely thing too. The cherry on top? The introduction of the “non-memoriam.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine gent Andy Samberg popped by to pay tribute to all the talented souls that haven’t left us yet. Using his “bad Eddie Vedder impression,” the former Spirit Awards host was decked out in classic era Pearl Jam garb and tweaked the 90s rock staple “Alive” (sensible) to be about folks that are… well, still alive. It’s a sweethearted and silly alternative to the steady run of famous faces that have passed away of late. Raise a toast to the continued good health of Hailee Steinfeld, Tim Allen and the world famous “Mattie D-Bones.”

If you’d care to give this award show gem a gander, just crane your neck/browser upwards to The Hollywood Reporter‘s video showcase at the top of the page.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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