Anna Faris Interviews Her Husband Chris Pratt And His On-Screen Love Interests, Jennifer Lawrence And Aubrey Plaza

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are starring in a movie together called Passengers. Pratt used to pretend to be married to Aubrey Plaza on Parks and Recreation. In real life, he’s married to Anna Faris. Faris has a podcast, Anna Faris is Unqualified, and she just had Plaza on as a guest, with Lawrence and Pratt calling in halfway through.

And it was Pratt who pointed out the romantic connection during the podcast: “What other guy in the world could say that he’s on the phone with Anna, my real wife; Aubrey, my TV wife; and [speaking to Lawrence] well, we’re not married in this movie.” Lucky guy indeed.

Unfortunately, Faris didn’t ask Lawrence about what it was like to do a love scene with her husband. She instead asked her what she would name a school mascot, and about her character’s hair color in Passengers. Lawrence revealed that she listens to a lot of Indigo Girls.

Before the call, Faris and Plaza did discuss the weirdness of simulating sex on a television show or movie; namely, that it’s not actually that weird. That’s probably why Faris didn’t ask Lawrence anything about that. She doesn’t actually care, and that sounds pretty mature to me.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)