Forget Squirrel Girl, Anna Kendrick Wants To Be The Robin To Ben Affleck’s Batman

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10.13.16 2 Comments

It’s a foregone conclusion that if Marvel was to make a Squirrel Girl movie, it would star Anna Kendrick, delighting Edgar Wright and the Russo Brothers and confusing everyone else. “Who or what is a Squirrel Girl?” a confused nation asks. She’s not nearly as well known as Thor or even Ant-Man, but is a movie about a woman who communicates with squirrels any weirder than eight movies about a sad dude who dresses like a bat and fights clowns?

Ben Affleck is the latest actor to play that sad (so sad) dude who dresses like a bat and fights clowns, and he also stars in The Accountant with Kendrick. Her Squirrel Girl dreams haven’t come true yet, but she’d sure like to appear in a superhero movie. If only Kendrick knew someone who was directing one…

In a video for MTV News, the Pitch Perfect actress (those are also the names of her arm-guns, Pitch and Perfect) just so happened to have a Robin costume laying around in order to prove that she’s the right Girl Wonder for the job. “Holy coincidence, Batman! Any room for a plucky sidekick?” There isn’t — there’s never room for pluck in anything Zack Snyder-related — nor is it possible for Kendrick to play the Caped Crusader himself, because sexism. “It is 2016, and I don’t now need this patriarchal bullsh*t from either of you,” she fires back. “Do I not have the stamina? Do I not have the look, Mr. Trump?

The clip ends with Affleck discussing the day “a little script called Pitch Perfect lands on my desk. Part fits me to a T: Beca, a rebellious, reluctant leader with the voice of an angel.” He then starts singing “Cups,” while Kendrick looks on in horror. “What the f*ck were you doing?” At least Affleck didn’t start dancing, too. Everyone knows Batman doesn’t do the Batusi anymore.

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